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Canadian Custom Packaging and The Color Group are capable of making a wide range of products using various manufacturing methods. Our manufacturing flexibility allows for batch sizes of up to 10,000 litres. Run sizes depend upon fill volume and the type of product.


Canadian Custom Packaging and The Color Group make both hot and cold mixes with homogenous mixers, side sweep mixers, propeller mixers, and a vacuum to remove air from the product. We also offer separate manufacturing facilities to accommodate each product sector. All products are scientifically formulated and manufactured using state of the art equipment.

The Color Group uses highly specialized European powder milling and pressing equipment, cutting edge mixers and assembly lines, and silicone mold technology for lipsticks. Our Quebec facility was designed specifically for the manufacturing of color cosmetics. A hands on team of dedicated employees, combined with flexible equipment and run sizes, allow us to tackle any type of project.

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